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I'm a culture junkie who works at a bookstore. Pop, high-brow, junk -- it's all good. I try and consume it all. I read tons, especially young adult fiction. I also love quirky, offbeat novels; cultural analysis; mythology; girly fiction; fantasy; screwball romantic comedies; books with extremely flawed characters, yet somehow you really empathize with them; nonlinear narratives and language play.

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The Runaway King
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Ransom Riggs
S.G. Browne
Emma Donoghue
Topics About Which I Know Nothing
Patrick Ness
The Little Friend
Donna Tartt

The Gap Year

The Gap Year - Sarah Bird Dreams. Growing up. Relationships. Food Trucks. Cults. Secrets. Lactation Coaches. Decision-making.I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed this tale of a mother-daughter relationship, told from both point-of-views. Told in a non-linear fashion, you learn about a mother and daughter trying to deal with their relationship, as well as forming new ones with others. Really well done as even with tension between the characters you really felt for both Aubrey and Cam, no matter what they were doing to each other and how they felt about the conflict. You didn't really side with either, yet you empathized completely with where they were coming from.At one point, it made me never want to have children due to the conflict, yet by the end it portrayed the good and bad in a balanced manner, making me re-think that.