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I'm a culture junkie who works at a bookstore. Pop, high-brow, junk -- it's all good. I try and consume it all. I read tons, especially young adult fiction. I also love quirky, offbeat novels; cultural analysis; mythology; girly fiction; fantasy; screwball romantic comedies; books with extremely flawed characters, yet somehow you really empathize with them; nonlinear narratives and language play.

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The Man of My Dreams: A Novel

The Man of My Dreams - Curtis Sittenfeld I can see why this book isn't as well-received or liked as much as Prep, and while I prefer Prep as well, I still really enjoyed The Man of My Dreams. There is something about Curtis Sittenfeld's writing of flawed characters that resonates with me.Hannah was overly focused on an ideal romance and what it meant to have and achieve it that she pretty much stunted her development, as well as carrying the baggage that made her feel that way in the first place. It felt very "real" to me the way she went about. While not pretty or satisfying, Hannah and all her flaws, the trappings she fell into and created herself, the lessons she needed to learn and never learned from, made for a story I could enjoy, even if it wasn't tidy or perfect or even complete.