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I'm a culture junkie who works at a bookstore. Pop, high-brow, junk -- it's all good. I try and consume it all. I read tons, especially young adult fiction. I also love quirky, offbeat novels; cultural analysis; mythology; girly fiction; fantasy; screwball romantic comedies; books with extremely flawed characters, yet somehow you really empathize with them; nonlinear narratives and language play.

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Sea of Lost Love: A Novel

Sea of Lost Love: A Novel - Santa Montefiore I picked up an advanced reader copy of this at work. It's not my normal thing, which I could tell right away, but Ipushed on anyway. It wasn't awful, necessarily -- just very predictable. Whether it was the fate of the main character's father, the love stories, the twists, what-have-you; every plot point was quite easy to guess.I thought the style was Noel Barber-lite; it lacked the historical depth and epic quality, but it there was something about it which felt similar. The romance of this book was extremely cringe-worthy, in my opinion, but not off-putting enough to make me stop reading it. I did like the female characters though. They were flawed, not the complete caricatures they could've been, yet you empathized with them. That helped the book, in my opinion. Also, for as much as it wasn't my normal thing, I could not help but get sucked into it.Overall, it's something to read if you just want something extremely light.